Samba windows mount problem - some files and directories can't be seen even though they exist!

Phill Coxon phillc at
Tue Mar 27 21:42:14 GMT 2001


I have mounted a Windows 2000 Pro computer under linux using:

mount -t smbfs -o username=phill,password=xxxxx //winbox/drivec /mnt/winbox

I can then jump into /mnt/winbox/ and navigate around the Win 2000 box.


For some reason some of the files and directories on the windows 
computer are not showing up.

For example, I have just moved a heap of wav files for our
audio-processing work into the C:\audio directory on the Windows box.

Yet /mnt/winbox/audio shows up as completely empty. Moving the wav files
into other directories doesn't seem to help.

Likewise, I want to be able to back up the "Documents and Settings"
directories on the Windows Box and this too shows up as completely 
empty, even though there are many sub-directories existing on the 
Windows box.

There doesn't seem to be a logical connection to the problem. Originally
I thought maybe it was files 4-5 sub-directories deep, but that's not 
the case.  Files appear in some directories and just disappear in others.

Does anyone have any suggestions why files and directories won't appear
under the smbfs mount under Linux and how I can fix this?

It's rather critical as I'd like to back up critical directories on the 
Windows boxen via the smbfs mount.

System details:
Mandrake 7.2
Samba 2.07


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