Resolving DNS names to an IP in NT 4 domain

Tim Fletcher tim at
Mon Mar 26 16:25:32 GMT 2001

> I worked with a guy for a while on this, but we really got nowhere.  We
> messed with win hook settings in smb.conf, and a script he wrote.  I've left
> it running a while, but still, no go.  Are there some settings and
> configurations I can tweak and work with in Samba to get this done?  I would
> really like to get it going.  I hope I've been fairly clear in what is
> needed, and you understand it.

I am the guy who wrote the script in question, what we were trying todo
make standard resolve via /etc/nsswitch.conf work with wins. DNS works for
internet hosts but http://windowsmachinename doesn't work as the machine
name / dns arn't the same. Is there any way to make this work?

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