Login Failure

Seth Thornberry stm at greeny.org
Mon Mar 26 00:55:26 GMT 2001

]Subject: Re: Login Failure

]> It seems a lot of people are having problems with log errors that contain
]> "util_sock.c". Is there somebody from the Samba team who can
]possibly give
]> us an insight into why this is happening and why in some instances,
]> putting all the ips and arbitrary names in /etc/hosts fixes it? There has
]> been no conclusive replies from anyone on the list so far :(
]Well not knowing anything about the setup, the standard answer is
]workstations having DHCP addresses without forward and reverse
]DNS entries and using 'hosts allow' and 'hosts deny' in the
]smb.conf file.

How is that an answer? Or is that just a description of the problem? Does
samba not support that kind of set up? Why does samba have to have the DNS
names of the computers accessing it? Shouldn't samba be using netbios names?
Is this documented somewhere that I'm missing?

stm at greeny.org

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