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Tim Potter tpot at linuxcare.com.au
Mon Mar 26 01:21:21 GMT 2001

Seth Thornberry writes:

> ]Well not knowing anything about the setup, the standard answer is
> ]workstations having DHCP addresses without forward and reverse
> ]DNS entries and using 'hosts allow' and 'hosts deny' in the
> ]smb.conf file.
> How is that an answer? Or is that just a description of the problem? Does
> samba not support that kind of set up? Why does samba have to have the DNS
> names of the computers accessing it? Shouldn't samba be using netbios names?
> Is this documented somewhere that I'm missing?

OK - when host machines connect to Samba and the 'hosts allow'
and 'hosts deny' options are present, Samba needs to determine
the DNS name to work out whether to allow the connection.  If the
host does not have a reverse IP then it is automatically rejected
as Samba cannot determine whether to allow or deny the
connection.  This is because the code is based on the tcp wrapper
code and netbios names are too easy to spoof.

Er, I don't think it is actually documented anywhere.  )-:


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