IPC shared memory problem

Craig Manske cmanske at stanektool.com
Fri Mar 23 15:28:06 GMT 2001

I am running Linux Kernel 2.2.18 which is upgraded from from RedHat 6.2
kernel 2.2.14 using standard kernel patches from kernel.org.  I am running
Samba 2.0.7 from RedHAT 6.2 upgrade/addendums.  

When I get more then one connection smbd will die and log.smb will read this

- [2001/03/23 06:12:19, 0] locking/shmem_sysv.c:sysv_shm_open(667)
-  Can't create or use IPC area. Error was File exists
- [2001/03/23 06:12:20, 0] locking/locking.c:locking_init(174)
-  ERROR: Failed to initialise share modes 

I have gone through the archive on this mailing list and have seen quite a
few people with this problem which would lead me to believe that there
should be a solution for it in a FAQ somewhere but I can't find anything at
all on that subject.  If anyone has a solution to this problem that doesn't
deal with having patched the kernel, or running Mandrake please post it
because I am pulling my hair out.

Craig Manske <cmanske at stanektool.com>
IS Manager
Stanek Tool Corp. <http://www.stanektool.com>
New Berlin, WI

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