Intermittent mapping problem with Samba 2.0.6

Gary Nielson gnielson at
Fri Mar 23 16:03:41 GMT 2001

We've started having these intermittent problems with our samba 2.0.6
installation. About a dozen people on WinNT client machines are using a
Dell file server, running Redhat 6.2. They installation has been purring
along with no problems for about six months. About two weeks ago, we
started finding that some people, when the log into their NT boxes, are
mapping some shares, but not others. Other people are having no problems
mapping their shares at certain times, yet experiencing problems at
other times. People are sometimes mapping some shares that they do not
map at other times. The log.smb shows many "Gethostbyaddr failed" and
"Denied connection." We have not made any changes to our samba files on
the Linux box. Can anyone suggest where I should start looking to figure
out why this is suddenly happening?

Gary Nielson
gary at

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