Password change from Windows

Lumir Srch ml. lm at
Thu Mar 22 17:27:41 GMT 2001


I'm just thinking about password synch between system's passwd file and
smbusers file.

There is a lot of documentation about it in samba's docs tree but I don't
understand the reason of it.

- it's possible to change user's samba pasword directly from Win 9x
workstation on linux box? Which way?


- when admin change user's password using smbpasswd the password is
changed in /etc/passwd (shadow) too? (If my fist meaning is bad).

Last point: timestamp in smbusers file - can be usable to periodic
password change if my first question is true? :)

Sorry for my stupid question but my windows knownladge is little bit
bad and in samba documentation is nothing about it.

thank you for your help


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