list of users in Win9x

Bartus Levente bartus.l at
Wed Mar 21 10:49:02 GMT 2001


I recently installed the Samba 2.2.0apha2 package. Almost everything works
fine except that the Win95 clients can't make user-level shares of their
On the windows box, in the Network Control Panel - Access Control tab I set
the user-level access control, and confirmed the NT domain (Samba is the
Everything looks fine till now. I open the MyComputer window, and try to
add a user, when the "You cannot view the list of users at this time.
Please try again later." message apears.

I know, this is a Windows bug,

> Searching the Microsoft Knowledge base for this error message results to
the article Q177607, showing a mismatch/problem in the "Outlook Express for
> "This behavior can occur if Outlook Express is installed on your computer
and the "Make
> Outlook Express my default Simple MAPI client" check box is selected". 
> If you are NOT using Outlook Express, Microsoft suggests to restore the
original version of the MAPI32.DLL (as delivered/installed from the Windows
CD-ROM, it may have been > > > replaced by a different version during the
installation of a new software program)

but I made this fixes, and the problem still persists.

I know, that the released Samba (2.0.7) has'nt had, but the new alpha
version now has the ability to control the user-level share for Win9x


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