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It would seem that asking them to use the LMHOSTS file will require them to
perform the tedious task of updating all of their clients instead of you
having to update all of yours.

In what way would WINS be an upgrade over DNS, when hosts have static IP's?

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Apologies if this is off-topic and if you could point me to the right place
to ask this questions, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have just taken over our department's system where we have a couple of
UNIX servers running samba to share user home directories on NT clients. My
system admin is trying to upgrade to WINS server and had trouble with my
UNIX server host name that have "-" in between and the instruction is to
change the hostname to conform. Changing the server's host name will require
all clients to be updated, quite a tedious task.

In addition to the relationship of sharing home directories, the UNIX
servers are running PTC's pdm databases and the NT clients (all having
static IP address) are running the pdm client and the UNIX server is looking
the DNS server for name resolution. The implementation of WINS should not
come into play with regards to my current working environment.

I'm comtemplating with the option of requesting them to simply using the
lmhost file to reference the machines in my department. Am I looking at the
right direction, is there any pitfall I should be aware of?

Thanks for any input.


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