Question regarding OS/390 & Samba 2.2

Hudock, Mike (CBC) Mike.Hudock at CapBlueCross.COM
Tue Mar 20 12:30:45 GMT 2001

We have OS/390 v2.8 running on the mainframe here and have been recently
exploring the expanded use of 390 to possibly act as our file and print
server. In our current environment, we have a multitude of NT file and print
servers in our server "farm" and are looking at the possibility of server
consolidation using OS/390.

My question pertains to the printing function. We have created a print
server environment in our OS/390 test LPAR utilizing SMB and InfoPrint
Server, elements of OS/390. We have encountered an obstacle wherein we are
unable to have print drivers automatically download to the client(desktop)
via SMB. This would be a major showstopper in terms of demonstrating equal
or better functionality of the print server under OS/390 as opposed to an NT
print server.

I understand that Samba 2.2 has the capability to allow print drivers to
automatically download to the client. Is it possible to exploit this new
functionality of Samba within OS/390 or is there a compatibility issue?

Thanks for your time & assistance.

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