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Urban Widmark urban at
Sun Mar 18 11:04:27 GMT 2001

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Markus Bartsch wrote:

> Is there allready a possibility to access to big files via samba?

It is possible to do this.

> I want to store big files on my linux fileserver, but samba doesnt see files
> >2G

You don't say what you are doing (versions of things, what type of clients
do you use, ...) so this may not help you. If it can't "see" the files
perhaps you have found a bug.

Samba 2.0.7, on Linux with kernel 2.4.x and glibc 2.2.x, can serve large
files just fine but the configure script doesn't detect that. This patch
tries to fix the to do so.

Changing requires you to run autoconf to regenerate the 
configure script. Something like this should work:

% cd samba-2.0.7/source
% patch -p2 < ../../samba-2.0.7-lfs-configtest.patch
% autoconf
% rm config.cache
% make clean
% ./configure (whatever options you normally use)
[build as normal]


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