Samba 2_2_alpha3

Zimmermann, Falk Falk.Zimmermann at SystemaGmbH.DE
Fri Mar 16 07:49:30 GMT 2001

I have played with the SAMBA_2_2 alpha 3 Version as Domain Server, but I
have get some Problems with my Win 2K Workstations.  If I try to join the
Domain with my Samba Server I get the Error message:

	You couldn't  join  to the Domains WGNENT because
	Number of Parameters is not correct.
 (I don't know if the is Message similar with the English Win2K Version. I
have translated the German message)

I have checked the Samba logging File and found some errors at the Password
checking. The file logs at the login procedure he can't access to the
smbpasswd  (because permission denied ) file and the  User  has not a valid
password entered. But the user is in the smbpasswd and the password is
correct, the smbpasswd is at the right position and I the Win2K Client takes
not the Password is not correct message. 

Is it possible to help me, or should I stop my playing with samba 2_2 an use
my old Samba 

best regards 


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