Win98 zero-length encrypted passwords

Lee Skinol ltskinol at
Fri Mar 16 06:22:40 GMT 2001

All -

Client: Win98, first version
Server: Linux Mandrake, Samba 2.0.7

I'm trying to setup a Samba server to replace a customer's
evil Windows 98 server, and have run into a problem.  When
used with encrypted passwords, it doesn't work.  I tried
all of the usual cures, and found that it worked perfectly
if I enabled plaintext passwords in Win98.  When I switched
back to encrypted passwords (with the appropriate changes
to smb.conf), I get a authentication error.

So... I broke out the Samba source code, and added some
strategic DEBUG()'s to the reply.c file, and what I
found has me baffled.  If Win98 is setup for plaintext
passwords, I see the password in my debugging output, and
the password length is fine.  If I setup Win98 for encrypted
passwords, the password lengths are all zero (smb_apasslen
and smb_ntpasslen are both zero, and the passwords themselves
are blank).

So, can anyone suggest what my customer has done to cause
Win98 to send blank passwords _only in encrypted mode_?  I've
double-checker the user's Win98 login password, and it's
fine.  I really would prefer to leave the passwords encrypted
and fix this problem rather than switching to plaintext


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