Win2K printing Problems with Samba

Pellegrin,Emmanuel EPEL at
Thu Mar 15 11:48:24 GMT 2001

Hi everyone !
i have some trouble printing  from Win2K to Samba Server :
My configuration
Server Samba : 
Mandrake Linux 7.2
Samba 2.0.7
Configured Printer on Parallel Port Kyocera FS 3750 with CUPS

Client :  Win2K PRO
 driver Apple LaserWriter 
When I send a request of print , my printer prints three pages :
the first have a line like this: "%%[ProductName  : GNU postscript] %%"
le second is the good request ( for example the test print page)
the last page is one line  :"%%[lastpage]%%"

can someone help me to remove the first and the last page ?
thanks a lot.
epel at

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