Whats all this Linux business anyway?

JON GERDES GERDESJ at gkn-whl.co.uk
Thu Mar 15 11:25:17 GMT 2001


If you are a complete newbie then you can't go wrong with:


also, the Samba documentation now includes a rather natty copy of the Using Samba book from O'Reilly - it's now Open Source.  Grab your self a copy of Samba 2.0.7 eg:


and get reading. You can use Winzip to untar/ungzip the archive.

If you have specific problems then this mailing list is the port of call.
Jon Gerdes

>>> "Rick Masters" <rickmasters at hotmail.com> 03/15/01 10:16am >>>
Alright lads,

I'm Rick Masters and I know very little about networks, but for some mad 
reason I have been given the job of setting up a Linux File Server on an NTn
 etwork. How the dickens does that work? Anyway I need as much help as youc
 an be bothered to give me. And there is a free pizza in it for the guy whoh
 elps me get it working :-)

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