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Hi Robert,
A couple of things to help with diagnosing your problem:
1. post you smb.conf file (sans comments)
2. if you are using user level security, does user b and c exist in your
   /etc/passwd file?  And have you added them to your smbpasswd file and 
   set the smbpasswd file appropriately? Finally, are you using encrypted
   passwords or plaintext passwords?

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  I've just started digging into an odd problem.  I hope this is the right
forum, if not, please point me to the correct one.

  Trying to summarize a bit:

  We're running Samba 2.0.0 on a solaris 2.6 server.  There are 3 users,
A, B and C.

  User A, the admin, can log in just fine and poke all around the samba 
shares she has access to.  User B, normal user, can't connect, gets denied
right off the bat at the login screen, password has been verified.  The
admin has verified the configuration and it looks good.  Now User C, me,
has been brought in.  We duplicated user A, and just changed the names
to warp the innocent and relect me, not her.  I hop on my NT-4 laptop
and open the shares.  I can see "\\machine" just fine, but when I click
to open the directories in question, I put in my info and am denied.

  One odditiy, I pumped up the debug to 3 and restarted.  Then I tried
to connect again.  I get 3 invalid user name errors before I even get
prompted.  After I'm denied, no errors in log.smb.

  Also, it tries to chdir to the dir in question /data/testdata, for
User A, but for B and C, it's trying to chdir to /tmp...



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