Some problems with samba 2.0.7

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Hello Peer,
We really need to know a bit more about your setup to be able to answer
For instance, answering the following questions will help:
1. if you try to access Samba shares from and NT workstation and a WIN98
workstation using the SAME username and password, does it still only work
on the NT workstation?
2. you might want to post your smb.conf file (stripped of comments of
course) back
   to this list, so we can see what type of security you are using
(share,user,domain, etc).
3. if you set debug level=10 and log file = /var/opt/samba/log.%m  in the
global section
   of your smb.conf file, and then make the attempt to access a share on one
of the nonworking pcs, you will get a log file named
log.<netbiosmachinename> for the machine that you made the attempt from.
USUALLY one of us can look at this and pinpoint a problem like this pretty
quickly - I'd be willing to take a look at it if you send it OFFlist to me.
You would probably want to include a WORKING log as well, from an attempt
from your working NT workstation, for comparison.  Just makes things easier.
Remember to use the same username and password on both machines for the

If while doing these tests, you notice that the problem is really specific
to the username,
not the machine type, you might want to check your smb.conf file to see what
you have your 'guest account =' set to.  If it's not set explicitly , it
defaults to 'nobody', which on an HP-UX machine is UID -2; this is going to
cause problems if your win98 users are actually comming in as 'guest' for
some reason, smbd doesn't like negative uid/gid pairs, and will abort.  If
this is the case, create a 'dummy' user in your /etc/passwd file  with a
positive uid/gid pair, and set your 'guest account=' to that account

Hope this helps,

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we are using samba 2.0.7. on our HP file-server. For
the NT users everything is ok, but we are not able
to setup  WIN95/98 computers to use the shares.
All computers are within the same domain. Shares
of NT-pc can be used and also shares from other linux
boxe, but NOT from the HP.
The global section is the same on the linux and HP machines.
Any idea ?
How can we check what is going wrong ?

A second question:
We haev also troulbe with some ACCESS-databases. First of all
not more the one person is able to access the data. A second one
is rejected. The editing of different parts is also not possible and
if one does longer calculations (over night) the connection is
somehow lost. On a normal NT system everything is fine.
Any help ?

Many thanks, Peer

p.s. Please send answers also as e-mail - thamks. 
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