Using Samba from One Unix box to one Win98 PC

David A. Mason damason at
Mon Mar 12 21:27:30 GMT 2001

You would need what is called a "cross-over" ethernet cable. A quick chart
is the easiest way to explain.

WOr	===	WGr
Or	===	Gr
WGr	===	WOr
Bl	===	Bl
WBl	===	WBl
Gr	===	Or
WBr	===	WBr
Br	===	Br

At one end, the crimping is standard, while at the other, 1 is switched with
3, and 2 is switched with 6.

(WOr = White-Orange, Or = Orange, Gr = Green, Bl = Blue, Br = Brown)

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To all the helpful people out there,
     We currently use samba on our Unix server and have win98 clients from a
winNT network that we share files with.  I have a user that will soon be
working at home using a Unix (SGI Octane2) box and a Win98 PC.  He wants to
be able to share files between the machines.  My question is will I need
some kind of hub between the two for them to make Samba work or can I
connect the PC (It has a network card) directly to the Unix box.  I really
don't know much about this stuff and am just learning so any help would be

Thank You,
Dawn Evans

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