Request for AutoCAD help with Samba server!

Roberto João Lopes Garcia roberto at
Mon Mar 12 12:59:31 GMT 2001


We use AutoCAD 14 and 2000i in Win 95/98; Samba 2.0.7 in Sun Ultra Sparc, 
Solaris and in a dual PIII linux server.

Open files from the server works well! But, for secure, I do not recomend. 
It is very easy to users make mistakes, like move a hole directory to an 
unknow place (always happens with explorer), or to have an AutoCAD system 
crash and, as a side efect, delete all files in corrent directory! It happens!

We used to do not open the DWG file direct from the Samba server, insted, 
the user copy the file to the local disc, work on it, and copy back to the 
Samba server. If some thing goes wrong, it goes wrong in local disk, not in 
the server! We use a Control File System to securelly copy from and back to 
the server.

The XRef´s are located in the Samba server but I configured AutoCAD to make 
a copy of it in the AutoCAD temporary files directory (local disk too) when 
it load the XRef´s from de server. AutoCAD locks the XRef´s as they are 
loaded! To configure it: set XLOADCTL to 2 and, I recomend, set INDEXCTL to 3.

I hoppe this can help

At 20:24 11/03/01, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>If you have experience using Samba < 2.0.7 with AutoCAD 2000/2000i or R14 on
>a LAN, where the Windows 2000 Professional clients running AutoCAD
>2000/2000i are opening .dwg files and XREFS off of the server, particularly
>if you know tips on tuning Samba's performance so that AutoCAD reports it
>can't find files on the server or load XREFs, please either post your
>comments to the list or you can email me off list.  I am administering a
>mixed PC/Mac network for an architectural firm, and Samba began to have
>problems with AutoCAD about 1.5 months ago. I have no problems with many of
>the things that people often report trouble with, encryption of passwords is
>working fine, only problems are serious issues with AutoCAD where a user
>will find that they do not have read/write access to a file that belongs to
>them or their group on the server.  Below is a copy of my smb.conf:
>------------------------- /etc/smb.conf ------------------------------------
># Samba config file created using SWAT
># from localhost.localdomain (
># Date: 2001/03/04 17:35:08
># Global parameters
>     workgroup = CAA
>     netbios name = SERVER
>     server string = Samba 2.0.7-18mdk
>     interfaces = eth0
>     encrypt passwords = Yes
>     debug level = 2
>     os level = 65
>     preferred master = Yes
>     wins support = Yes
>     comment = For Testing only by G & F
>     path = /home/samba/test
>     writeable = Yes
>     guest ok = Yes
>     path = /home/architects/Graphics
>     valid users = @architects
>     writeable = Yes
>     guest ok = Yes
>     map system = Yes
>     map hidden = Yes
>     path = /home/architects/Library
>     valid users = @architects
>     writeable = Yes
>     guest ok = Yes
>     map system = Yes
>     map hidden = Yes
>     path = /home/architects/Projects
>     valid users = @architects
>     writeable = Yes
>     create mask = 0770
>     force create mode = 0770
>     map archive = No
>     delete readonly = Yes
>     path = /tmp/immed
>     writeable = Yes
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