Some problems with samba 2.0.7

Peer-Joachim Koch pkoch at
Mon Mar 12 10:38:18 GMT 2001


we are using samba 2.0.7. on our HP file-server. For
the NT users everything is ok, but we are not able
to setup  WIN95/98 computers to use the shares.
All computers are within the same domain. Shares
of NT-pc can be used and also shares from other linux
boxe, but NOT from the HP.
The global section is the same on the linux and HP machines.
Any idea ?
How can we check what is going wrong ?

A second question:
We haev also troulbe with some ACCESS-databases. First of all
not more the one person is able to access the data. A second one
is rejected. The editing of different parts is also not possible and
if one does longer calculations (over night) the connection is
somehow lost. On a normal NT system everything is fine.
Any help ?

Many thanks, Peer

p.s. Please send answers also as e-mail - thamks. 
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