Why does WinNT asking for a name like <00> if I start a net use to a samba server ?

Stefan Hoenes stefan.hoenes-remove- at rwg.de
Sun Mar 11 17:21:37 GMT 2001

If I do a net use z: \\samsrv\test to a samba server, which is on a
different IP subnet, I saw the following behavior in the trace:

1.  first the NT client does 3 times a broadcast to the subnet address
2.  there is no response on this broadcast
3.  then the NT client ask the DNS for the name samsrv
4.  the DNS responds with the correct IP address
5.  the NT client does a ping to the samsrv
     ( I think to open the route to the server)
6.  the samsrv responds to the ping
7.  the NT client send now a name query with the name <000000...> to the
samba server

And from this point I have a problem:

Samba version 2.0.7 responds to this query, but our samba server 1.9.x
(on the MVS system) does not respond.

Now my question: Can I stop the WinNT client from asking this <0000>
name, or the other way, can I tell the old samba version to respond to
this query.

thanx, Stefan

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