Text/Binary Files. HELP!!!

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Hi Ajmal,
No, this is not possible. The ^M in ascii text files on NT (pc's in general)
is due to the fact that pc ascii files use a ^L^M line terminator, whereas
UNIX uses JUST a ^L, so the ^M is treated as just another character in the
line.  What you would need is the ability to tell samba to recognize that
the file it is copying is a text file, and actually strip OFF the ^M from
each line.  For reasons that have been beaten to death in past threads in
this list, Samba does NOT provide this capability.  There are a couple of
unix utilities dos2ux and ux2dos which will convert dos text files to unix
and visa versa (ie, strip off or ADD the ^M to the end of each line,
depending on which way you are going).  You can use that, or
there are several commercial PC FTP programs that will do this for you in
the file transfer when you specify 'ascii' as the transfer type. 
Hope this helps,
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I am sure someone must have come across this.

Is it possible to force files to binary when copying to Unix directories.  
NT -> Unix.   Text Files have got ^M in them.  How do we prevent this
happening.  Would forcing to binary fix the problem & if so how would this
be done?



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