SMB on Netware 5.1

dave.buckley at dave.buckley at
Mon Mar 5 16:11:30 GMT 2001

Could you possibly supply me with some technical help ? I work for BASF
computers service ltd and we use Netware 5.1 for file and print services
and our workstations are soon to move to Windows 2000. We are trying to
improve things for laptop users and one feature we thought was very good in
Windows 2000 is "offline files/folders". I realise that this will only work
with a SMB server and was hoping to use SAMBA  to enable this feature
within our Netware environment. Could you please tell me if (a) you think
this is feasible and (b) if SAMBA works with Netware 5.1. I have tried to
load it on our test server but I get a critical abend whenever I load the
nbns.nlm. Is there another release due for Netware 5 as the existing
version looks over 4 years old ?

I would be grateful for any suggestions or advice you can offer

Dave Buckley

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e-mail    dave.buckley at

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