Files >2GB

Edward Mann edward at
Tue Mar 6 02:36:53 GMT 2001

How do I compile samba with  >2GB support? I am running Linux 2.4.2. I 
know that my Linux machine works with large files, I have a 4GB tarball 
on my machine. What I am trying to do is get our mainframe to pass 
6-20GB files to my samba box so I can compress them. I have downloaded 
samba 2.0.7 and 2.2.0 alpha2 I just need someone to tell me where to 
start to get this to work. My company paid someone to write a program 
that would pass files from the mainframe to windows, using unc paths, I 
just thought I would get it to work with samba.

Thanx in advance

Have a nice day :-)

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