Samba & SCO

Olaf Solutions samba at
Tue Mar 6 01:46:04 GMT 2001

Man, if you only just use FreeBSD to replace that SCO machine huh?

I have a binary distro of Samba installed on SCO 5.0.5. It works just fine
execpt the daemon falls a sleep a lot. I have it running in Standalone
mode and not by inetd. I'm not sure it that has anything to do with it.
I think i found the binary from

Better yet, I just found a link where someone claims to have 2.0.7 for sco

-----> <-----

Maybe this will solve the sleeping issue.
When it doesn't repsond, i just keep refreshing the browse list and it
finally connects.

Hope this helps,
Steve Maroney
steve at

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, David W. Chapman Jr. wrote:

> Has anyone here installed samba on sco?  I might have to install samba on  a
> SCO 3.2 v 5.0.5 server and was wondering if there might be any
> complications, I'm used to freebsd so I'm not sure what I'm in for.
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