Samba & SCO

Roberto Fichera kernel at
Tue Mar 6 08:17:09 GMT 2001

At 19.46 05/03/01 -0600, Olaf Solutions wrote:

>Better yet, I just found a link where someone claims to have 2.0.7 for sco
>-----> <-----
>Maybe this will solve the sleeping issue.
>When it doesn't repsond, i just keep refreshing the browse list and it
>finally connects.

This is a 2.0.7 version compiled with GCC 2.95.xx for SCO. GCC is much
better than SCO cc. I never see the sleeping issue that you are say, I've see
the sleeping only when writing several Mb on the disk thru Samba or other
process because during this writes the system need to sync the fs with the 
This operation require much time, in proportion of the Mb writed.

Do you see the same problem on other SCO version different than 5.0.5 ?


Roberto Fichera.

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