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Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Fri Mar 2 22:07:15 GMT 2001

I'm guessing you meant to copy the samba list
with this reply so I am copying it there to get 
you some more help.

On Fri, 02 Mar 2001 03:57:30 Lech Pankowski wrote:
> Hi.
> Sorry if you found my questions a bit too loud :-). 
> Using capital letters I tried to express all my frustrations. 
> I am a novice in the Linux world and trying to learn it 
> I gathered many papers and a few books. 

No problem.  Just usually doesn't help to be frustrated 
with people who haven't done aything to be frustrated 

> everything is described as simple, almost banal:
>  - kernel recompilation?  - not a problem
>  - Samba?  - the easiest thing in the world
>  - network printing?  - here you are,   and so on.
> So I try to do it and  i t   d o e s   n o t   w o r k 

There is a stepp learning curve, but it does level off.

> Of course it does not work because I probably make 
> a mistake somewhere, or don't do everything that is 
> needed, but the question is how to correct it.
> Usually all the explanations are in the form: "do 
> this or that", but no-one states    w h y  this or that 
> should be done or cares to overview the whole process at 
> the very beginning to make it fully understandable. So
> the question: "How it works" or maybe "How does it work" 
> (by the way, are both of these forms grammatically correct??) 
> is of the most importance for me.
> As you can easily guess, I am not prepared to read 
> the source code or trace shell scripts. 

Ah...but this is the best documentation you can find :-)
Just kidding.  I understand.

> What I usually look for is a brief but detailed description 
> how sth is performed in Linux in the form: action-effect.
> Maybe it doesn't explain everything what I mean, but I 
> wouldn't like my letter be too long.

I understand what you are looking for.  I can offer 
you this advice.  The best way to get help from a 
mailing list is to be specific with the statement of 
your problem..

> Unfortunately my problems or doubts are not only with 
> Samba so, by the way, I would like to ask about mailing 
> list(s) intended for the beginners, but being visited by 
> Linux experts ready to help. Anyone who knows sth. about 
> that is kindly asked to drop me a line.

Anyone know of a good mailing, IRC channel, etc... 
for Lech?

Cheers, jerry
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