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Darren Robertson darren at
Fri Mar 2 15:18:24 GMT 2001

Happy chappie :-))

Solved it the problem.

In the globals section of smb.conf add the following:

encrypt passwords = yes
smb passwd file = PATH TO smbpasswd

you should then add a new entry to the smbpasswd file by the following

smbpasswd -a

This adds any user that has a standard Unix system account on the server.


This is an awk script that parses the system passwd file and extracts the
username and uid of each entry you wish to add to smbpasswd. You need to run

edit smbpasswd file directly

Each field has to be colon separated:

:[U           ]:LCT-00000000:

This is username:uid:32 X's:32 X's:accountflags and time of last change.
Again you will have to run smbpasswd program to change the password for this

smbpasswd darren

Hope this helps.

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