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Fri Mar 2 01:10:30 GMT 2001

I've got a problem loading my roaming profile:
	client - win2k
	domain controllers - winnt server
	profile server - samba 2.0.3

I can log in OK, and the PDC tells the client go attach \\server\userid as
my H: drive. That works, thus samba and the domain controller are properly
exchanging info.

the problem happens right at login though: i can't download my profile.

	Windows cannot copy \\server\userid\ntprofile.pds\(stuff...) to
	location c:\(stuff...). Contact your Network Administrator.
	DETAIL: Access is denied.

This looks like samba isn't letting the server read my profile, which is
odd since I have done a 'chmod -R a+rX ~' on my home dir. (and then i
reset reasonable permissions on my .ssh and mail directories...)

suggestions on where I go from here? what debugging info would people like
to see?


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