Mult Samba incarnations on aliased IPs

Andrew Johns johnsa at
Fri Mar 2 02:28:32 GMT 2001

Paul Cliff wrote:

> just a thought but do the clients really need all  printers to be
> available ?
> If not you could split the clients into groups giving each group
> a separate smb.conf with only the relevant shares

This is precisely what I am trying to achieve - but in order to do so I
need to be able to run multiple instances of smbd which until today wasn't
working - examining the log.[sn]mb file reveals that the daemon wouldn't
start due to the existence of the /var/run/[sn] file.

Renaming this file fixes the problem and allows me to start up another
daemon, but... from the docs I am unable to choose the name/location of
this pid file :(

Have you got any ideas on how this is achieved (other than modding the

RE:groups - this setup is for anon printer access in an NT domain using
encrypted passwords - I'm not prepared to go down the path of integrating
user lists/passwords between NT and unix because it is simply not worth
the effort for what I'm trying to achieve (feel free to correct me if you
see a better way).



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