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Bob Dusek bobd at saintjoe.edu
Tue Jan 30 14:25:28 GMT 2001

There's no way to do what you're wanting to do.  In order to do this,
you would have to be able to decrypt the unix passwd and then encrypt it
into the two forms used in the smbpasswd file.  You cannot decrypt the
unix passwd.  You have a limited set of alternatives to keep your
unix/smb passwd files in sync... 

1) If your samba server is a PDC, you can have your users do a standard
"Change Password" via Windows and use the smb conf directive "unix
passwd sync"

2) you can create your own password changing server which your users
could access via a customized client or via a simple telnet interface.  

???  If someone knows of another way, you may be in luck.  But, I don't
know of any other way.


Melinda Taylor wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a way to convert all the existing UNIX (solaris 2.6)
> users into samba users - that is add them to the smb passwd file
> and ensure the passwd is the same as their solaris one?
> Rather than doing each on individually and getting each user to
> set their own passwd file? and then hopefully set it
> up someway so that when they change their UNIX passwd
> the samba one updates as well?
> Thanks,
> Melinda


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