smbmounted file system directories not updated

Thomas G. Dietterich tgd at
Tue Jan 30 06:15:01 GMT 2001

I am running samba 2.0.7 under RH Linux 7.0 and mounting a share from
a Windows 2000 Pro laptop using smbmount. [Linux is actually running
on a VMWare virtual machine.]

When I create a file or directory, that change is NOT visible to any
directory listings on the linux side (ls or dired mode in emacs).

However, I *can* access that file by name and copy, delete, or rename
it with no problems.

If I unmount and remount the win2k share, then the file becomes

I assume this is some kind of caching phenomenon, but in some cases,
it seems to have lasted for a long time (e.g., an hour). 

Is there some parameter that I can set (e.g., in smb.conf or in
/etc/fstab) that can control this?

Thanks for any help you can give,


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