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Alin Osan aline at
Wed Jan 31 09:08:46 GMT 2001

On 29 Jan 2001, at 20:22, Brett wrote:

> I was curious, can I setup a slackware box running samba to manage
> multiple domains?  Here's my scenerio:  I am in the process of setting
> up a school system using wireless internet.  There will be a total of
> 15 different locations.  What I want to attempt to do is create a
> domain for each school, for instance the high school, middle school,
> and grade schools.  I then want to be able to log each domain into
> each other but nevermind that, I just need to know if I can setup a
> box to handle multiple locations logging into a single box handling
> multiple domains?  If it is possible or have suggestions please let me
> know.. Thank you.
> Brett

Yes, you can. In [global] put "netbios aliases = chemistry biology 
math" where all this are your workgroups. Then add all the 
services, configurations you want.
I'm also interested in this wireless internet. Can you give me more 
detailes? (hardware part)

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