//server/sharename%user question

McEldowney, Michael MMcEldowney at deltaregional.com
Mon Jan 29 14:28:41 GMT 2001

Do you have to use the home shares?  Why not create a separate share
that only they have access to?

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I have a problem I'm trying to solve.  We're using Windows 98 machines
the client computers.  Every user has a home directory and can access
their files through the [homes] interface.

I would like to be able to access multiple home directories at the same
time in the case where 2 people may be working on a project and need
access to both their home directories at the same time.  Windows NT will
let you supply a different user name for each share you access, but it
appears Windows 98 will not (different passwords, but not users).  The
documentation seems to say you can use //server/sharename%user, but that
does not seem to work for me.

Could someone tell me how to do this?

Thank you
John Aughey

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