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Hi Martin,
Samba has some file permission parameters in smb.conf that determine how it
will set permissions on new files (when excel and other microsoft
applications 'edit' files, they effectively
make a new file and copy the edited information into that, removing the
original file);
Take a look at the discussion "File Permissions and Attributes on MS-DOS and
Unix" on page
135 of the "Using Samba" book by O'Reilly for detailed information: the
parameters you would be interested in are 'map archive, map system, map
hidden', 'create mask, directory mask, force create mode, force directory
You can order a hardcopy of this book (essential to any Samba administrator,
in my opinion) from, or other online bookstores, or you can
access an html version straight off the web at this url:
Hope this helps,

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How are file permissions determined under Samba? If I log onto my Linux
server (terminal session using Putty) and create a file that file is given
the following file permissions (rw- rw- r--). That is correct, because in my
home directory I have a .bashrc file that has a umask command that states
umask 002.
However, when I use Samba to log onto my Linux server and use Word/Excel to
create a file that file is given the following file permissions (rwx rw-
---). Also, if I edit an existing file (again using Word/Excel) the file
permissions/ownership of this file changes (ie if the file permissions
aren't rwx rw- --- then they are after I edit a file).
How can I determine/set file permissions for files and stop file
permissions/ownership of files from changing. 

Martin Stacey
Information Support Manager
Safcol Australia Pty Ltd


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