Permissions Problem

Dustin Butler dustin at
Fri Jan 26 04:21:35 GMT 2001

It seems @ has the same behavior. After reading some more of the Using Samba
book I found these definitions.

write list: Specifies a list of users that have read-write access to a read
only share.

read list: Specifies a list of users that have read-only access to a
writable share.

I was assuming read list meant 'list of users that can read the share' and
write list meant 'list of users that can write to the share'.  It seems
that's not the case.  

I think I've found the behavior I want by changing my share definition to
the following

  path = /home/test
  comment = Testing Permissions
  valid users = @Accounting @Graphics
  write list = @Accounting
  read list = @Accounting @Graphics


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> is it supposed to be @Accounting ???
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> Hi Crazy Samba People,
> I've set up a share with the following attributes.
> [test]
>   path = /home/test
>   comment = Testing Permissions
>   write list = +Accounting
>   read list = +Accounting
> The directory /home/test has the following permissions
> drwxrwxrwx   2 root     root         4096 Jan 25 11:23 test
> I'm connecting from a windows workstation with a user that is 
> not in the
> Accounting group.  When I try to copy a file to the share I 
> get an accessed
> denied message, which is what I want.  When I read a file 
> from the share I
> am able to do so successfully which is not what I want.  I 
> realize Samba
> must use the system file permissions but shouldn't the config 
> override them
> for reading as it did for the writing?
> Dustin

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