Samba and NT - Synchronizing Accounts

Chris Herrmann chris at
Fri Jan 26 02:19:33 GMT 2001


The general experience I think is that security = server does not work well

There's been quite a few emails about it in the past few days or so, but
none really resulting in something working properly.

Good luck! (well, better luck than the rest of us anyway :o)  )

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Hi List,

I am in the process of setting up a samba server (2.0.7 on Linux RH 6.2)
that will sit in an NT domain. The NT is a PDC.

I plan to set security = server and let the PDC do the authentication. I
understand however that the Linux still requires the relevant user accounts
for I/O operations.

My question is this: What is the best way to synchronize the accounts from
the PDC (whenever they are changed / added / deleted) to the Linux.

I've also got to think of how to initially get the accounts from the PDC
onto the Linux without manually typing them in.

I would very much appreciate any pointers.


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