The network name cannot be found......

Larry Clark xwindowuser at
Wed Jan 24 21:05:25 GMT 2001

let me try my hand at this....
what is your security set up like? 
security = user   ???
or is it server????
did you change the rights on the file or directory to match that of your

Thomas Walter wrote:
> Dear Samba Gurus,
> I'm having a problem with some shares. I have several shares that cannot
> be mapped, I get the error message from WinNT: The network name cannot be
> found. The share names are:
>     /data/everest/a
>     /data/everest/b
> In a Samba archive someone mentioned that the share name cannot be longer
> than 12 characters so I linked /data/everest/a /data/ev/a to reduce the
> number of characters, made the necessary revisions to smb.conf, restarted
> the daemons, see the shares in the Map Network Drive window but still get
> the same error message.
> Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
> Tom
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