smbfs mounts from Linux stops working

Mathias Wiklander Mathias.Wiklander at
Thu Jan 18 13:31:15 GMT 2001


I have a big problem at my company. We have an linux server where some
of my colleagues sometimes mounts windows shares. The mount works fine
and you can use it for a while. But very often the mount stops to work.
It is monted, but you can't use it. It is also inpossible to unmount it
eaven if you try to force it. If you try to mount the sam share (on a
nother mountpoint) it works again. this is realy annoying because yiu
have to reboot the computer to make the mount disappear. Anyone who can
help me fix this. Is it some known problem or? I have tryed to read
FAQ's and the mailing list archives but I havent found something about
it. We are running Debian 2.2 on it.

/Mathias Wiklander

Mathias Wiklander
mathias.wiklander at
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