Robert from Germany

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Fri Jan 12 19:01:18 GMT 2001


could you help me? I would like to change the /etc/passwd automatically too, if the user change the Windows password. I have done smbpasswd and it work very good. The changes from Windows Usern in smbpasswd became take over. How does it work in /etc/passwd ???

security = user 

My configuration 

unix passwd sync = yes 

passwd program = /usr/bin passwd %u 

; I already habe tried many possibilites here 

passwd chat = *password* %n *password* %n *changed* 

I use Linux SuSE 6.3 and this is the passwd chat, when I change the password with the command passwd: 

New password: 

New password (again): 

Password changed 

Sorry, my English is not good.

Robert from Germany

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