Multiple login failures problem

Morgan Toal morgan_toal at
Fri Jan 12 06:31:15 GMT 2001

Per David's experience, I put my list of ~20 IP's in to 
/etc/hosts and this seems to have resolved the problem
for me also. But it feels so dirty. 

However, since it's Friday, since this is only a remote
office with ~20 users, and since I don't want to come back
here next week, I'm not prepared to do much more than band-aid
it like this at this point.

What I want to know, is why I am experiencing this issue
here, and not at my home office which is essentially
identically configured? Oh well, at least we have a
Q&D solution at this point, and compare smb.conf 
and dhcpd.conf files.

Also thanks to Calvin for th DNS-DHCP info, when I have more
time either this or the DHCP v3 is the solution in the long run.


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