Virus scanner for samba file server

Martin Radford martin at
Thu Jan 11 01:50:46 GMT 2001

This is increasingly off-topic for the samba list, so this is the last
post I'll make to the list on this sub-thread.

> > The realistic way to run the Unix version of the NAI product is to
> > schedule scans to run overnight.  Unfortunately, that does leave a gap
> > between the saving of the file to the server and its disinfection.
> Not being critical, let me get this straight.  You run VirusScan, which is
> intended for a desktop, on your server via cron.   This then protects the
> server files just like it would the files on a desktop computer.  Can you
> control which directories it scans?

You can run the Unix version of VirusScan on anything, desktop or
server.  (Note that the Windows version of VirusScan does not run on
NT Server or Win2k Server - there's a separate product for that, which
presumably costs more.)  We run VirusScan on the samba server,
periodically via cron.  We hope (but can't be sure), that users have
VirusScan for Windows on their desktop PCs.  It's a "belt and braces"
approach.  (For US readers, I believe that UK "braces" = US

You specify a list of directories to scan on the command line.

Hope this clarifies things, but if not, mail me privately.

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