Virus scanner for samba file server

Mike O'Neill mikeo at
Thu Jan 11 00:13:54 GMT 2001

> From: Martin Radford <martin at>
> Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 23:16:59 +0000 (GMT)
> To: mikeo at (Mike O'Neill)
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> Subject: Re: Virus scanner for samba file server
>>>> The product is called VirusScan, you can download an evaluation from:
>>> Great!  Thanks a ton.  Just to be clear, this software is suitable to be ran
>>> on a server?  -m
>> I only ask because the VirusScan software seems to be aimed at the desktop
>> and not intended to protect a file or email server from distributing
>> infected files or emails.  -m
> It's *not* an on-access scanner (which is the way that traditional
> Windows anti-virus products generally work), so it's not a substitute
> for running an on-access scanner on the clients.
> We (that is, my employers) have run the McAfee product on Windows
> NT/9x/3.1 for a year or so, having moved from Dr Solomon's (which NAI
> bought out and merged with the McAfee product line).  We've recently
> started using Samba on production file servers, and since our site
> licence covers the Unix products we thought it would be worth running
> it to protect against the risks of transferring viruses in departments
> which are sluggish in keeping their desktop virus software up-to-date.
> (First-level IT support, including installation and upgrading of
> anti-virus software is devolved to individual departments - the joys
> of working at a University.)
> The realistic way to run the Unix version of the NAI product is to
> schedule scans to run overnight.  Unfortunately, that does leave a gap
> between the saving of the file to the server and its disinfection.

Not being critical, let me get this straight.  You run VirusScan, which is
intended for a desktop, on your server via cron.   This then protects the
server files just like it would the files on a desktop computer.  Can you
control which directories it scans?

> To the best of my knowledge, we've not looked at doing virus scanning
> on our mail servers, and since I don't have any role in administering
> the mail system I don't know how feasible it would be.  I think NAI do
> have a product that does mail scanning but I know nothing about it.

Yes they semm to have email server scanners but only for NT, I think.

> I don't know how suitable the Samba architecture is to hooking in a
> virus scanner to do some kind of on-access scanning; for example,
> triggering a scan on "file open for read/execute" and "file close (if
> originally opened for writing)".  Expert opinions?

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