Multiple login failures problem

Christopher Robison eeyore at
Wed Jan 10 23:42:13 GMT 2001

I've pulled my hair out over this as well. I'm still not really certain what
the problem is, but I eventually *did* set up DNS on my server, and went to
the trouble to get dhcpd to dynamically update bind with a perl script I
found [furious the entire time that such a simple, obviously needed facility
was not built into dhcpd until the latest beta which I'm not yet willing to
install]. Once the Samba server was thus able to reach the client machines
by name, these problems with Win98 clients suddenly disappeared.  Now the
connections are instantaneous, first try every time.

What I'd like to know is why I had to enable a dynamically-updating DNS
system for this to happen, and if this is a general requirement, why I can't
find this process documented. I pretty much had to figure it out on my own.


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> I am yet another person who is having a problem with Win98 clients
> needing to make several attempts before successfully logging in
> to our Samba box. I get the "broken pipe" message in the smb.log
> just like everyone else.
> This did not seem to be a problem until we got a phat broadband
> connection. All the Windows boxes are set to point to our ISP's DNS.
> I am not running DNS on the local network at all. Not even a cacheing
> DNS. I don't think this would matter anyway, as several people have
> pointed out that the issue is with reverse DNS, and this wasn't even
> an issue until we were connected with the outside world.
> Well, that's great, so let's say I go ahead and set up DNS. But we run
> DHCP here. Am I supposed to key in everybody's address in the /etc/hosts
> file, or the reverse DNS file on my Samba box? Isn't that kind of silly?
> Or should I ask my ISP to do something?
> Thanks for any advice!
> mtoal
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