Disappearing Mounts

David Milligan davidm at comrad.co.nz
Mon Jan 8 22:41:24 GMT 2001

This may not help you but this fixed a problem I had between 2 Windows boxes
with shares disconnecting after awhile. I found that Windows versions have
an autodisconnect setting which prevents shares from timing out. I had tried
lots of others to do with keepalives etc but had no joy. Once I set this on
the sharing PC all was OK :)

In Windows NT the LAN autodisconnect parameter is found in the registry at
\autodisconnect. Its function is to disconnect idle sessions after a set
number of minutes. The number of minutes can also be set at a command prompt
using the Net Config Server command. For example, to set the autodisconnect
value to 30 minutes: Net Config Server /autodisconnect:30

The valid value range of this REG_DWORD value is -1 to 65535 minutes at the
command line. To disable autodisconnect set it to: -1
Setting Autodisconnect to 0 does not turn it off and results in very fast
disconnects, within a few seconds of idle time. NOTE: It is preferable to
modify the LAN autodisconnect directly in the registry. If you modify it at
the command line, Windows NT may turn off its autotuning functions.

The valid value range if you edit the LAN autodisconnect parameter in the
registry is 0 to 4294967295 (Oxffffffff). If you configure the
autodisconnect option to -1 at the command prompt, Autodisconnect is set to
the upper value in the registry. This is approximately 8,171 years (this
should be long enough to be the equivalent of turning autodisconnect off)

In Win98 this setting is found in
ect. I added this to my registry and set this to decimal 65000 and in my
case no more disconnects :)

Hope this helps.

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> > If it disconnects it should re-connect when you access it
> again. The only
> > effect should be a slight delay. Does it do that or does it
> stop working?
> > (without the uptime script)
> It does re-connect if you're just in time before the mount
> process dies. Otherwise it will say network I/O error or something...
> > It would be nice if it didn't disconnect at all, but
> something is causing
> > that to happen vs win2k, NT4 and win9x machines. Probably
> something with
> > keepalives not working as they should.
> I'm not sure whether smbmount (mount -t smbfs) is
> disconnecting or the windows nachine is disconnecting.
> > If things stop working when it disconnects I would like to
> have these
> > questions answered:
> > + What programs do you run on smbfs?
> What do you mean? What other daemons I have running?
> > + What (relevant) log messages do you get in your kernel logs?
> I haven't had the errors for a while since I put in the cronjobs.
> > + When it disconnects (stops working?), is the smbmount
> (mount.smbfs)
> >   program still alive?
> Sometimes it is, damn I wish I could be more specific.
> Sometimes it is but it will stop working. When it does the
> Input output error, I have to umount the mount and then
> re-mount it again. So it stays mounted even though it's not working.
> > + Does it go away if you apply the additional patch vs 2.2.18 posted
> >   earlier in this thread (let me know if you want a copy).
> I'd like this patch please, I could give it a shot. I have
> the latest kernel and latest samba, so I'm 99.9% sure this
> happens to everybody else who trys to mount Microsoft shares
> onto Linux.

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