Disappearing Mounts

Grant grant at conprojan.com.au
Mon Jan 8 22:05:36 GMT 2001

> If it disconnects it should re-connect when you access it again. The only
> effect should be a slight delay. Does it do that or does it stop working?
> (without the uptime script)

It does re-connect if you're just in time before the mount process dies. Otherwise it will say network I/O error or something...

> It would be nice if it didn't disconnect at all, but something is causing
> that to happen vs win2k, NT4 and win9x machines. Probably something with
> keepalives not working as they should.

I'm not sure whether smbmount (mount -t smbfs) is disconnecting or the windows nachine is disconnecting.

> If things stop working when it disconnects I would like to have these
> questions answered:
> + What programs do you run on smbfs?

What do you mean? What other daemons I have running?

> + What (relevant) log messages do you get in your kernel logs?

I haven't had the errors for a while since I put in the cronjobs.

> + When it disconnects (stops working?), is the smbmount (mount.smbfs)
>   program still alive?

Sometimes it is, damn I wish I could be more specific. Sometimes it is but it will stop working. When it does the Input output error, I have to umount the mount and then re-mount it again. So it stays mounted even though it's not working.

> + Does it go away if you apply the additional patch vs 2.2.18 posted
>   earlier in this thread (let me know if you want a copy).

I'd like this patch please, I could give it a shot. I have the latest kernel and latest samba, so I'm 99.9% sure this happens to everybody else who trys to mount Microsoft shares onto Linux.

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