gethostbyaddr failed!

Mon Jan 8 08:26:23 GMT 2001

>>> "Ka Ho Kwok" <bobskunk at> 01/06/01 12:57am >>>
i get this error msg in my log.smb file when i try and connect to a sharedd
 irectory thru samba

[2001/01/06 00:52:06, 1] lib/util_sock.c:client_name(1007)
  Gethostbyaddr failed for

wat does it all mean and y doesnt it work?


At the risk of sounding rude - just what it says :-)

You need to either:
Live with it
Create/update a hosts file /etc/hosts
Create a DNS server

Samba is trying to find the host name of a box having got its IP address.  If this is a couple of boxes network, then creating and distributing a standard hosts file across them all will work wonders.  Make sure that the service search order is set correctly in /etc/host.conf eg order hosts,bind means use hosts file then fall back to a DNS server.

Check out the Network Administrators Guide etc from 


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