Attempting to install samba

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Hi Rod,
Sounds like you have a name resolution problem - a couple of ways to 
resolve it;
1. if you have a wins server, make samba a wins server client by adding 
   the line wins server = <ipaddress of wins server>
   And additionally make sure your clients on the other subnet are using the

   SAME wins server.
2. If you use a dns server, make sure that samba netbios name and the
clients are all resolvable
   via dns, and that the clients are set up to use dns to resolve names.
   you can check to see if a client and or samba name is resolvable using
the unix command
   nslookup <name>
3. you can use lmhosts file on the clients and samba server... tedious.

Read more about it in Chapter 7 of "Using Samba"  available at:

Hope this helps,
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Hello all,

I am new to this list and to samba.  I used samba in a previous life, but
someone else installed and maintained it.

I am have a small issue that I do not know if it is resolvable.  Here it is:

I have installed samba on the server named "kirk", our master domain
controller for nt is named "picard".  They are on the same subnet.  My
clients are on a different subnet.  My client can see kirk in the network
neighborhood, but when accessed it returns "\\kirk is not accessible  The
network path was not found."

I am not sure what other info I need to provide.  Any help would be


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