using samba and smbfs as a replacement for nfs ?

Gavin gavin at
Wed Feb 28 14:00:10 GMT 2001

i have searched the archives, but alas i did not find very mutch
information on this subject.

I read that smbfs always opens a file read/write. Will the Samba Server
at the other end lock the file so that no other user can access it ?

I have a few Application Servers, and i want them to store all there
information on one central data server. One way is using nfs, but as i
have read the implementation on linux could be better, and write
performance is pretty bad.
I use Samba at home for my W2k network and am very happy with it..
What i am looking for is an answer to the question, can samba and smbfs
in a pure linux envioremnt be a good (fast & stable) alternative in a
mission critical system ?

Anyone any comments or ideas ?
Are there any other possablities that are stable ?

PS: I have looked at CODA, it will not fit my needs (max disk size ~50


Gavin Woodhatch

Space4U LLC

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