Setting up a samba Print erver

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Feb 22 21:02:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Mark Penkower wrote:

>  I want to set up a Samba Print Server.  All of the samba documentation
> that I have seen (Including a Thick book
> on Samba that I have) pertains to setting up samba printer with a
> printer already attached to the linux box!  I

You need to start by configuring your printer so that you can use it from
the server itself. Samba will accept printing over the smb protocol and
forward it to the local printing system. The local printing system can
handle remote printers.

How to set that up is sort of off-topic, you should probably try some
distribution specific list/newsgroup/irc/...

> have no idea how to do this.  All of my printers are on my local
> network, and all have ip addresses.  Is there some
> tool that linux can use to scan the network for printers.  Is there a
> config file where I can specify printers by their Ip
> or Mac addresses?

'man printcap' for all the gory details.

You don't say which linux distribution you use, typically they have some
tool to help you configure this. RedHat uses a program called printtool,
it will ask you for ip# and you need to say what type of printer it is
(postscript or one of the supported models).

Scanning the network for printers is possible. One tool that can scan
networks is nmap. You may have to filter the output. It may be more
reliable to go to the printer and check the ip#.


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